Video #2

Camera, edit and performance: Emma Wilson

My starting point for video #2 was the GIF image format. I’m curious about the way this type of moving image disconnects from a sense of ‘real time’. The image feels flattened out.  I explored using sound to amplify the image. These were all sounds I collected from around my house – lots of variations of powertools, water and bird sounds.

In this video I was interested in creating a series of images which would land in the visual field of the viewer as distinct entities, rather than connnected images. I used blocks of rippling white (which was actually a light I filmed up close) to separate the GIFs, giving a moment for the viewer’s mind to let go of the previous image and make space for the next.

A surprise for me this week – when I was in a rehearsal directing a new site-specific dance work I found myself using language and concepts that I think about when doing video work – such as the body forming a ‘still image’ or ‘ moving image’, and being more aware of the frame of my visual field whilst watching the dancing body. It’s exciting to see how this work I am doing here is informing my live choreogrpahic practice.

And last but certainly not least – Dianne’s amazing response to my video. I love how Dianne brings a whole level of meaning that I never saw to my original video. The female voiceover empowering women to change the world, alongside the disappearing domestic arts of producing one’s own food give a context to this image of a sole moving female body which extends out a message of gender equality in a compelling and necessary way. I’m in awe, thank you Dianne! 

Video #2  too by Dianne Reid