#5 / #6

Video #5 ‘field’

Camera, editing and performance: Emma Wilson

Sound: Music: Orifice (radio opera), Act IV (CRY)
by Luke Jaaniste.

‘Field’ was created from a creative task shared by Dianne Reid and myself, which was to ‘respond to site’.

‘Response to video #5’

A video response to my video #5 ‘field’, created by Dianne Reid.

Over a two week period Dianne and I created a trail of videos which can be viewed on this page. We both started from the same stimulus – to ‘respond to site’. This could be any site that we felt drawn to. I chose a paddock filled with a purple flowering weed, Ageraturm, or commonly referred to as Blue Billy Goat weed.

 The resulting videos were video #5 ‘field’ from myself (above) and #5 from Dianne (below). Although texturally very different, I was struck by the similarities – the choice of grassy fields, and the highlighting of details within the landscape. When making my video I experimented with making a structure I could attach the GoPro to in order to film myself whilst moving. I used a piece of wooden dowl and elastic to be able to video myself dancing (photo below).

Dianne’s video “response to video #5” prompted a response from me in which I wanted to explore the use of both the GoPro camera and the fixed DSLR camera within the one video. Each camera offers a different way of experiencing body, movement and landscape. The GoPro, which can easily be worn or held gives the perspective of being in the action with the dancer, or experiencing from the dancer’s perspective, whereas the fixed camera often creates more the impression of observing the action from the outside. In video #6 ‘Nature Bots’, I wanted to created the impression that the camera had it’s own identity and agency, hinting towards a cyborg-human presence.

#5 created by Dianne Reid.

This video was created from a shared creative task as part of our exchange, in which we were both responding to ‘site’.

Video #6, ‘Nature Bots’

Camera, edit, performance: Emma Wilson

Text (audio and written): Chelsea Chua and Emma Wilson

This video was created in response to Dianne Reid’s #5 video, in which she was responding to site.