Emma works across live performance and digitally mediated experiences, living and working on unceded Jagera and Turrbal land in the Moreton Bay Region northwest of Brisbane. Her practice creates and performs experiments in embodied thinking and doing, often collectively, cooperatively and collaboratively, and finds its expression through choreographic and screendance practices.

Emma’s approach to art making is driven by exploring ways to sustainably and meaningfully thrive as an artist interfacing with the neoliberal conditions we are living in. Regional living orientates her towards an ethics of hyper locality – a revaluing of the home and community as sites of cultural production and knowledge. 

In 2016 Emma co-founded an artist run initiative called Open Practice in Brisbane, a platform operating through the sharing of artistic practice. Emma is interested in locating her practice within this collective space as she value the multiplicity of perspectives which both breaks down and expands her thinking through the input of many minds and bodies. Out of Open Practice she co-piloted a number of other platforms designed to encourage criticality, including Talking Space (discussion-based event in which artists reflect on their practice), and The Workers Paradise (a popup artist-led ‘non-festival’ at which artists propose the format of their offering). 

Emma regularly engages in reflective and critical writing as part of her practice. In 2020 she contributed a written piece to the ‘Why Does Dance Matter Now?’ series commissioned by Delving Into Dance and Critical Path. Within Emma’s writing practice she experiments with different writing strategies through which to share her choreographic thinking (the ideas arising whilst moving and making).