Emma’s work is situated between live performance and digitally mediated experiences, drawing on choreographic and screendance practices. 

Emma’s home and family life influence her heavily in her work. She lives in a semi-rural area and is a primary care-giver of her two young children. A lot of time is spent immersed in a nature-based landscape defined by the rhythms of domestic life. Emma integrates these elements into her work, e.g utilising the landscape in her video work, the shed becomes a studio, and the proximity of family orients her towards an ethics of hyper locality and the idea of radical homemaking – a rethinking of the home as a site of production rather than consumption.

In 2016 Emma co-founded an artist run initiative called Open Practice in Brisbane which is a platform operating through the sharing of artistic practice. She is interested in locating her practice within this collective space as she values the multiplicity of perspectives which both breaks down and expands her thinking through the input of many minds and bodies.

In 2020 Emma conducted a home residency in response to the conditions brought about by Covid in which she explored the use of video as a choreographic tool, producing a series of six short videos.

Emma enjoys reflective and critical writing as part of her practice. In 2020 Emma contributed a written piece to the ‘Why Does Dance Matter Now?’ series commissioned by Delving Into Dance and Critical Path. She also self-publishes blog pieces reflecting on her practice as part of ‘Practice Notes’ on her website.