Body Dreaming is an installation-performance in which performers reveal a flow of inner thoughts, feelings and movements. This is captured live with a camera, audio recording and writing, all of which are streamed and projected into the gallery space. 

Audiences can attend the exhibition both to experience the live performance, and at other times to view the projected media. 

Each of these components completes each other, like pieces of a puzzle, but also act independently to open up and expand the rich inner world of the human psyche from different perspectives. 


Body Dream (Definition)


the stream of movement and thought consciousness that detaches from external tasks when attention drifts to a more personal and internal direction.

…The sounds of the chatter, bird calls and passing traffic recede to the back of my mind and I become aware of myself entering into a body dream; as my attention is drawn to the delicious Autumn sun pouring over my back, I slowly begin to turn and tilt my torso towards the grassy earth to allow the spreading of the sun’s warmth over my body, and I wonder about the physics of falling leaves and what forces are required for a leaf to finally break its contact with a tree…







Supported by RADF, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Moreton Bay Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.