C A R D (p), standing for Conditions of Artistic Research for Dance practitioners, was a research project held at Southbank, Brisbane 2017.

C A R D (p) encompasses both a process of inquiry into one’s interests/ideas/projects, and ways of thinking about dance, and also a performance practice which draws on material generated from the inquiry to create a score for the performer to talk about their relation with dance.

These two practices are the Self-Interview, (a writing practice), and Move + Talk, (a performance practice involving moving and speaking).

The documents produced through the Self-Interview practice as well as written reflections from the Move + Talk practice, are then translated into mind-maps which visually represent each iteration of the practice by capturing key words, phrases and ideas. Over the research period the mind maps are used to generate questions which feed back into our inquiry, and also inform a score loosely guiding the Move + Talk performance practice.

We met over 8 weeks to explore both of these practices. After the 8 weeks there was a public showing in which we invite audience to witness participants in the project engaging on the Move + Talk performance practice.

Led by Emma Wilson, 2017 Participants: Denise Comba, Zaimon Vilmanis, Sandi Woo, Kristian Santic, Emma Wilson