TOGT: learning by watching

TOTG stands for the observation thing group.

TOTG is the ultimate surveillance apparatus- it is four people acting simultaneously to embody an all encompassing surveillance mechanism.

TOTG staged several stake-outs, demonstrating its ability observe, collect, process and present data.

Each of us involved formed a limb of this observatory machine. During the observation sessions, one acted as ‘camera eye’ using the medium of film, another embodied the subjects’ physicality and body language, the third documented- with lists, statistics and descriptions – the subjects actions and the fourth participated as the observed subject.

By creating as one unit the observers and that observed, TOTG represents the ideal model of relationship between individual and society which is much sought after by many different interests, including that of corporations, police and any other force which collects personal data using covert operations of surveillance – whether through internet tracking, hidden cameras or other means. 

We stretch the concept of surveillance, by approaching the procedure rigorously, even fanatically.

TOTG is pro-surveillance.

Collaborators and performers: Phillip Jonasch, Lea Martini, Anja Muller and Emma Wilson, 2006-07