Your Presence Is So Precious To Me

Support Material

Hello, Hi

This video demonstrates the smart mirror, showing the direction I am heading in the creation of this new work. In the work, the smart mirror monitor will have a motion sensor attached to it detecting people’s movement. When movement is detected, a new phrase of text will appear on the monitor. Audiences will be able to see themselves in the mirror as well as the words, just as my image is visible in this video.

Let’s Do This Together

This is an example of an interaction with a chatbot using a free generic conversational chatbot service.
For Let’s Do This Together, I will be creating a purpose built chatbot trained with inputs specific to this work.

Sometimes I Do This Alone, With Myselves

This is not the proposed work itself, but a demonstration of the intial work in development.

It’s More Fun To Do With Friends

This is an example video showing the direction in which this work will be developed.